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Stationery Today 2013 (Day 3)
Stationery Today
2013 NSS
Day 3


PrintingPress Pro Extreme
PrintingPress Pro Extreme

OKI CS711WT Laser Priner
OKI CS711WT Laser Priner

Professional Illustrations
Invitation Architect featuring Envelopments(R)

Invitation Architect
Invitation Architect

Mountaincow Design Portfolio Volume 2
Mountaincow Design Portfolio Volume 2

Mountaincow Design Portfolio Volume 1
Mountaincow Design Portfolio Volume 1

Metallic Stationery
Metallic Stationery


Easy Online Store Builder

The easiest and most affordable solution for invitation professionals interested in adding a customizable website store featuring their designs. For only $99/month with no setup costs or long-term contract, retail stores and home studios can now use the new Easy Online Store Builder in PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 to quickly create and easily maintain a custom website storefront. It's like having a web design team in your computer! No HTML experience or website programming is needed. For more information, call us toll-free at 1-800-797-MCOW.

PrintingPress Pro Extreme 6.0 Screen Shot
screen shot of
Easy Online Store Builder
in Pro Extreme 7.0

visit demo website
visit demo website

Online Store Settings
online store settings

Begin Online Demonstration
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* Charges to be billed monthly for service as described in the Terms of Service agreement. No refunds after the first 30 days of service. No cancellation penalties, no contract term, cancel at any time. Service is billed in advance each month with no pro-rata refunds upon cancellation. Service is suspended after account is 30 days past due, cancelled after 60 days past due.


Easy Online Store Builder Overview
Our new Easy Online Store Builder enables you to instantly create and easily maintain a custom website storefront using nothing but our PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 software. You can upload designs directly from the software including built-in templates, new invitation designs and existing projects you have done for customers in the past.  We make it so easy you can get your store published in minutes with invitation categories, pricing, product descriptions, stationery previews and professional quality slideshow. Your business automatically gets its own subdomain on our new website so you do not need any other website to get started!
Manage Online Store

Manage Online Store View
The new Manage Online Store view in PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 lets you create and organize online store categories. Choose an image for each category and add as many projects as you like to each category. Arrange the order of categories and the projects within each category for total visual control.

Customize Your Online Store
Customize Your Online Store
Customize the look of your online store by adding your company logo and choosing the background color or pattern for your website. Post your own bio and optional photo on your "About Us" page. Enter your contact information to receive emails from your customers, and optionally display your store location on a map.

Logo Designer
Logo Designer Tool
Don't have a logo yet? No problem! Our new Logo Designer tool helps you quickly and easily create a stylish logo from your business name for your new online store website. Choose from one of the built-in styles and specify up to two colors and an optional motif.

Online Slideshow View

Online Slideshow View
The new Online Slideshow view lets you create custom slides for a professional animated slideshow on your online store home page. Customize the text and images on the slides, the order of the slides, and link slides to any category or external web page.

Powerful Image Tools

Advanced Project Settings
The updated Project Settings window allows you to enter a description to appear on the product page on your online store. Add non-printed pieces of stationery such as Pocket Folders, backing cards and envelope liners so that all pieces are listed in the online store description. Each product page includes a stationery image slideshow with click to zoom.

Automatic Price Calculations

Automatic Price Calculation
Advanced features let you configure print options, trim options, assembly options, paper type, paper color and paper cost for each piece of stationery in your project to automatically calculate pricing and estimated ship weight.

Complete Product Listing

Complete Product Listing
Product pages feature custom description text, list of stationery, quantity with volume discounts, pricing, addressing and assembly options, and stationery image slideshow with click to zoom feature.

Hidden Categories

Hidden Categories
The Hide Category feature allows you to temporarily remove seasonal or sale categories from the website without deleting them so you can easily show them again in the future.

Custom Shopping Cart   Custom Shopping Cart
Fully-integrated custom shopping cart includes optional rush order and promo code features. Configure preferred shipping methods, costs and ship time in PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0.
Secure Checkout   Secure Checkout
PayPal checkout is completely secure and allows customers to pay using their PayPal account or credit card. You will need to sign up for a free Standard PayPal Merchant Account and then enter your PayPal Merchant email address in PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0. When an order is placed on your online store you will receive an email from PayPal with all the information you need to process the order. All projects added to the online store are listed in the Online Store Projects folder in the New Project window for easy production of store orders.
Social Media Connection  
Social Media Connection
Easily link to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest board and more by configuring your social media links in PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0. Choose square or round full-color or silhouette icons with optional follow us label.

No Spam Emails  
No Spam Emails
Avoid spam by having customers enter a custom phrase with your business name when filling out your website contact form. The custom phrases promote recollection of your business name by having the customer type it, and the easy-to-read phrases prevent frustrating repeated attempts and lost inquiries.

Search Engine Optimization  
Search Engine Optimization
The pages in your online store are automatically populated with title, description and meta tags to publish your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines for optimal results. Your online store will also get a link from for industry-relevant cross linking, and Mountaincow will promote your site and in our emails and other marketing opportunities.

Secure Website  
Secure Website
PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 tells your website your locale, so your online store will be published with the correct international currency symbols, number formats and date formats for your country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I already have a website, can I link my existing website to the online store I create with Easy Online Store Builder?
A: Yes!  You can add a shop link to your existing website which will direct clients to your new online store.

Q: Can I sell my designs on this site or only Mountaincow designs and stationery?
A: You can definitely sell all your own designs on the site, not just Mountaincow designs and stationery.  Anything you design and print in PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 can be uploaded to your website.

Q: Can I sell items other than stationery?
A: Yes, you can sell anything that you like on your online store. Just create a project in PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0, set the project preview image to an image for the item, set the pricing and name, and publish!

Q: How do I get personalization information from clients who place orders on my website?
A: When a customer places an order on your website, they will see an order confirmation page with your instructions on how to submit their information. Typically, you would send personalization information and proofs back and forth with clients via email.  Later this year we will be offering an add-on service that will enable full online web personalization of your published invitation designs.

Q: I am a dealer for a stationery manufacturer (Envelopments, Crane & Co., etc.), can I publish my designs online using their products?
A: Most manufacturers have web sales and marketing agreements that enable you to list their products online for your store.  As long as you have written permission from the manufacturer to sell their products online you can publish your designs to your online store using their products.

Q: Can I include customer names and photos in the stationery samples I post on my online store?
A: We recommend you change all names, event dates and locations in the stationery samples you post on your online store to preserve the privacy of your clients.  In addition, you should never use any photos without written permission from the photographer in the form of a signed release.  Typically you should substitute your own photos, or buy a few to use repeatedly from a reputable digital photo library website like iStock Photo or Shutterstock.  You always use Mountaincow photos in conjunction with Mountaincow designs, but you should ask about the rights with regard to photos from other vendors.




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